Dr. Colloutt with Marie Forleo

I wanted to share this short video that explains the power of the subconscious mind…Dr. Colloutt brilliantly and succinctly explains how powerful our sub-conscious mind is, and how to recognize this powerful asset that is always at our beck and call.

For more info about Catherine’s work, check out her website: www.catherinecolloutt.com


Birth Angels GIVEaway Winner!


Being as this is a brand new blog, and I really don’t have any regular readers, I sort of expected that I wouldn’t have any giveaway names to pick from, and I was correct! However, there was a conversation about this post on my Facebook page, so I’ve decided to gift this book to a friend of mine that has some questions from that discussion. Congrats Susan! I will be sending this book to you this week!



The Birth Angels Book GIVEaway!


I gave away my copy of this book to a new friend of mine over the weekend, and instead of sending one replacement copy, my friend Terah sent me two! I don’t want my extra signed copy to sit around on my bookshelf, so I am sponsoring a GIVEaway right here on Soul to Substance!

I feel deeply about promoting my friend Terah’s written words, especially this book, The Birth Angels: Fulfilling Your Life Purpose with the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah, in which she writes about this very old tradition of Angelic energy patterns.

Terah wrote this book about 10 years ago, and very recently launched her follow-up book series to The Birth Angels, which I introduced here on my first post last week.

I will draw a name from this blog in the comments section of this post on Monday, March 31, for a lucky reader to have their very own copy. This is a great book to use as a tool if you are interested in the patterns of Divine energy, or Angels, and how they can markedly alter your understanding about your purpose:

According to the 72 Angels tradition, at every moment a particular nameable angelic energy is available for us to appeal to, receive help from, and empower ourselves with. Weaving together three areas of popular interest–angels, astrology, and the Kabbalah–Birth Angels invites you to discover the three angels that correspond to the domain of your birth and your particular life purpose and potential.

For some of my B-School buddies, this is a great book to help you get clear on what your overall life purpose is, and how to tap into your unique perspective regarding what you are here to do.

It has been an instrumental tool for me in garnering more understanding about why I am the way I am, and what my own potential is for transformation.  I use this tool every week…and it has made a huge difference in my own life.

I want to share the love!!

To enter…just share this post in whatever way you like to…and leave me a comment with your name. Check back here next Monday to see if you won. Easy!




The Gist of a Gift


On Saturday, I received a phone call from the gallery asking if I could work a shift on short notice.

I said yes, but I needed to drop everything I was working on at home, hurry up and shower, and leave so I could get there in an hour.

You know how you feel when you are rushed…seems like everyone is hell-bent on making sure you don’t get to where you need to be ‘on time’.

As I was pulling out of our apartment parking lot, I had to stop suddenly because a woman who was on the phone and had her radio cranked up loud pulled out suddenly in front of me.

I laid on the horn, but she still kept coming back, and I was quickly trying to switch gears into reverse to avoid a collision.

We didn’t collide, since she stopped ‘just in time’ and casually waved a thank you to me in her rear view mirror.

It pissed me off…and gave me the feeling of being even more in a hurry.

So as I was pulling out (finally) of our parking lot onto the main drag, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a quick phone call to my mother.

I have this handy-dandy smart phone where I can push a button and tell Siri to call whomever I want to, without actually dialing the number. So I tell her to call Mom.

She answers, “I’m sorry, but I am unable to help you right now.”


I do it again.

Same answer.

I stop. And think, “Ok, the universe is trying to tell me something here. I am going to focus on driving, practice awareness and see if I can safely get to my destination without being distracted.”

So I arrive at the gallery, and a friend of mine is there.

I am excitedly telling him about Soul to Substance, and he wants to see it on the gallery computer.

As I bring up this site, I notice that the browser we use at the gallery is not displaying my header correctly at all. I can fix it at the gallery, but my friend is there, and he is trying to share with me something important that just happened to him.

And I am impatiently looking at the computer, trying to multi-task, all the while trying to listen. And I stop again.


I’m doing it again. I am not being present and I am pre-occupied with something  that is not breathing…that can wait.

And I turn from the computer and I receive the gift of his story and along with some very meaningful insight regarding a problem I’d been dealing with.

The thing is, most people want to share their gifts with you. But it requires that you be receptive and attentive to who is around you so you can accept those gifts as they are given.

Otherwise, you are in effect taking their gifts, throwing them over your shoulder and communicating to them that they don’t matter, that their gifts are shit and you would rather spend your time looking at something that is just a thing.

Distractions kill. They kill others on the road when someone texts and drives, they kill relationships with others when the thing becomes more important than the person and they kill creativity, too.

I don’t have a computer in my studio because I want my space to be dedicated to making stuff.

There is a time and a place for technology. But it is our choice to prioritize and make room for the gifts that other people are looking to give you, and for you, in turn, to give back.






My Ass Story


(from my personal collection, Bradley Tyler Wilson: Acrylic)


A couple of weeks ago, website designer and writer, Paul Jarvis, asked his newsletter subscribers for a story that was about something that we had learned in business, creativity or how we found meaning in our work.

I immediately answered him back with this short story regarding assumptions, and I was thrilled when I saw my story in last week’s newsletter with some more powerful lesson stories that he felt a connection to when they were submitted.

Today is day 2 of the Book of Days that my friend Terah wrote, and the focus is on Love and Wisdom.  They are intimately connected, because love offers the illumination needed to see the lessons in our life experiences.  Self-love, and the ability to forgive ourselves when we fall short of our ideals, is necessary to extract the permanent understandings that we acquire as we move through our days. When we combine our knowledge and life experience, along with love, we acquire wisdom.

I call this my Ass Story.

 My first real job was at a weight loss center. An overweight, extremely slovenly man came through the door asking about our program. I ASSumed he didn’t have enough money for the sign-up fee, but felt it was important to get him on board because of his appearance.

 He looked like a walking heart attack.

 I also ASSumed he didn’t have a job, lived at home with his mother and all sorts of other ASSorted fictions. I gave him a huge discount on the program, proud of myself for being so charitable. He decided to purchase and asked if I would walk outside and get his checkbook that was on the front seat of his car.

 I said sure; and as I walked outside, the only car in the parking lot was a Maserati.

 Turns out, he was a movie producer and he and his wife recently had their first child. He wanted to get healthy to be around for his kid.  This experience was instrumental for me regarding ASSumptions, and how often they turn out to be wrong. 

Love my painting? Bradley Tyler Wilson is an artist living in Chattanooga, TN. You can find his work at In Town Gallery on Frazier Ave.