Stacie Florer

Artist & Guide

Exploring Self-Expression & Individuality

Self-expression is how we display our individuality to the world.

A child’s charm is that they are free from the conditioning they begin to accumulate as they grow older. This conditioning acts like a muddy cloak, obscuring their true gifts and what they are here to contribute to the world.

We know we are in our Not-Self mode when we experience emotions such as frustration, anger, bitterness and boredom. With the pressure to be like others, we end up feeling lousy because we are different.

In the struggle to ‘fit it’ and compare ourselves to others, we lose the memory of who we ‘really’ are, and end up living a life that is not ours.

I help guide and support people back to their True-Self as a “Living Your Design” guide along with my creative insight as a working artist specializing in jewelry.

To embrace your individuality is the key towards living an exceptionally fulfilling life. But you need to drop the muddy cloak first to reveal what’s already there.

Are you ready to to begin?


Stacie Florer

You are amazing! Love yourself and see what happens!

feeling the urge to grow and expand?

Are you ready to discover your uniqueness?

I am an international Human Design guide certified to offer guidance sessions for self-discovery and also teach the Living Your Design (LYD) Awakening Workshop for those that want to dive deeper into their design. This system allows you to recognize what your consistent energetic chemistry is, and what it is not.

Are you interested in finding out more?

I’m here to help!

Are you interested in learning how to make jewelry?

I started out making wire jewelry…and no wonder, because I was trying to figure out how I was wired! One of the most important gifts of creativity is that what we make comes from who we are, and when we make it we see our own potential more clearly.

Are you interested in a Make & Take class or personal instruction in my Roanoke, VA studio?

I love to teach!

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