Stacie Florer

Artist & Guide

Exploring Self-Expression & Individuality
I want to live in a world where we celebrate the uniqueness of ourselves instead of trying to blend in and bend to the expectations of others.

There is no other you out there…so own it all.

I help guide those that are ready to shed their conditional self…and embrace their consistent self.

I believe we are beautifully unusual, and my jewelry enhances the self-expression of a confident and self-aware woman.


From The Blog

where I write about my journey with jewelry and Human Design…and other topics that catch my interest!

Bring Your Beauty To The World

My friend, Terah Cox, of Heaven and Earthworks, penned a beautiful tag line for my jewelry packaging. I am so happy with what she gifted me in a simple, succinct way to describe what my intention is for those that wear my jewelry, as well as those that I work with as...

Soul and Substance

Hello there! I thought I would start the night of this New Moon off with a post. When I designed this website, I spent so much time on it night after night, that I just needed to step away for awhile. I communicate quite a bit via my social media channels Instagram...

Re-imagining My Life

Soul to Substance with Stacie Florer is now live! Finally, after 10 years...I have figured out how to combine my love of self-expression by making jewelry (my substance) with my passion of connecting with people on a Soul level.. I have spent the last few years...