Stacie Florer

Artist & Guide

Explorer of Self-Expression

Professional Bio for Media

Stacie has been a working artist specializing in metal jewelry fabrication for 15 years.

She has published over a dozen jewelry fabrication artcles for national magazines such as Belle Armoire Jewelry, Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine and Bead Trends. In 2015, she was chosen to be Artist of the Year for Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine where she contributed a jewelry design tutorial for all 6 publications.

Stacie has also been involved with 3 cooperative art galleries in Chattanooga, TN; Brevard, NC and Clinton, TN working primarily as the Marketing Chairwoman for all three.

She is also a sought after private and public metalwork instructor, having spent two years teaching for artBLISS in Washington, D.C. and teaching several classes in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.

She currently works in her downtown Roanoke, Va metals studio and also supports those interested in self-awareness via her role as a Human Design “Living Your Design” workshop facilitator and guide.

Her work can be found at Blue Skies in Chattanooga, TN; Reciprocity and Origami Ink in Asheville, NC.

My story…

I’ve been happily married to my sweetie, Shayne, for 20 years. We moved around ALOT during that time, and decided in 2016 to move to Roanoke, Virginia and settle down for a while.

We didn’t have children, but we dote on our stinky-breathed, blind and terminally lazy poodle, Sadie. She is an amazing reminder about staying in the moment, accepting your nature with love and showing your belly when feeling secure.

I left home at 18 and lived quite the nomadic life for the next 29 years. I saw a lot, did a lot and learned no matter where you go, you can’t hide from yourself, so I stopped trying.

I began looking at myself, honestly and with purpose.

In 2015, at a Divine Love Conference where I was vending at as a jeweler, I met my Human Design chart and my life changed in a blink of an eye. It made a profound impact on how I live my life and make decisions as my TRUE self, instead of from my mind.

Since then, I spend my time communing with Source in my studio making sterling silver jewelry, and guiding those that are called to the Initiation of knowing themselves with an awareness that is frankly awe-inspiring.

Two main themes in my jewelry are based on Tribal and Individual energy…these are the most predominant energies I carry and I explore that from a creative perspective.

I’ve always believed that each one of us is here to sing our particular note in this universal symphony of life…but the trick is discovering what the hell that note is.

I believe my work as a jewelry designer helps build awareness of our unique signature of life one person at a time, and my passion as a Human Design guide for others that find their way into my network is my life’s calling.

Know Thyself. Everything else falls into place when you find refuge in yourself.

Stacie Florer


10 Wire Cages and Bezels for Stones, Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry E-book, 2016
Featured Jewelry Designer for all 6 issues of Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine, 2015
Stylish Stirrups – Belle Armoire Jewelry, Winter 2014
Pillow Pretties – Belle Armoire Jewelry, Winter 2014
10 More Fabulous Wire Earring Projects- Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, E-Book, 2013
Curve Earrings – Belle Armoire Jewelry, Autumn 2013
Lightweight Metal – Belle Armoire Jewelry, Summer 2013
Oblong Hoops Tutorial – Step by Step Magazine, August 2012
Stirrup Connectors – Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, Fall, 2012
Poppy Flower Tutorial – Bead Trends Magazine, October (Cover), 2012


artBliss Mixed Media Retreat, Washington, DC

  • Elemental Bracelet, 2012
  • Heavy Metal Beads, 2012
  • Ranch Hand Earrings, 2012
  • Thin Gauge Metal, 2013
  • Post Earrings, 2013

River Arts District, Asheville, NC

  • “Make and Take” Classes in Riverview Station, Asheville NC (River Arts District)
  • Love Pendants, 2015
  • Cone Earrings, 2015
  • Private tutoring, 2015

Shows and Exhibits

  • 2009 Artist of the Month, Arkansas State Capital
  • 2009 Solo Show “Not Your Mother’s Pearls”, In Town Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
  • 2010 Collaborated with artist Katie Swenson for her show “Poems in Clay”, Eugene, OR
  • 2011 “Opposites Attract” joint exhibition with painter Bradley Wilson, In Town Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
  • 2015 “Arts Adventure” Riverview Station, Asheville NC (River Arts District)
  • harts ON MAIN, Christiansburg, VA 2018

Why I Am A Guide…

Becoming a certified Living Your Design Guide in the Human Design system has been one of the greatest joys of my life, because it grants me the privilidge of playing on TEAM YOU for a while.

Becoming you is not easy. It’s simple, but not easy.

I concentrate on the LIVING part of Human Design, and that means the day-to-day experiences and challenges one goes through when trying to uncouple from NOT-Self conditioning.

My role is to share with you what I am learning about living a life that is expansive and supportive, filled with satisfaction, success, peace and surprise depending on how YOU are designed to live.

Sign up below if you would like to join my network. I won’t bombard you with information, just some interesting items that I discover as I walk my own path that might be helpful to you too!