When I was five, we lived in a modest, 1970’s neighborhood and our next door neighbor was a magician. I believed in magic at five, and when I saw him pull a bird out of hat, I was convinced he could turn me into a bird.

One afternoon, he promised the neighborhood kids a casual magic show, and I remember waiting for hours for him to emerge from his front door. There was a chain-link fence separating our yards, and like a prisoner hanging on to the bars that separates ‘us from them’, I patiently waited for my shot at flying freedom.

As I was sitting on the ground, I remember thinking about being able to fly, and what that would really mean. Once I was turned into a bird, I planned on taking flight around the neighborhood, and imagined what my little world looked like from that higher perspective.

Then the thoughts of flying further crept in…and the possibility of flying out of range of my neighborhood and leaving my family.

Perhaps for good.

I pondered on this…and remember deciding it would be worth leaving to see and experience the freedom of unfettered flight.

He finally emerged from his front door, and by this time, there was quite the crowd of kids milling about the yard.

I walked over, sat down on his lawn and waited for the right time to ask him to please turn me into a bird.

In about a minute, I felt my anticipation climb to the highest peak known to me at that time only to have it come crashing down to earth when he told me his brand of magic didn’t include turning cute five-year-old girls into birds.

I was crushed.

Looking back, I realize that this moment in my life was the beginning of my spiritual search for freedom.

I took the freedom of flight literally as all children do as they begin to accumulate their beliefs about our world.

But flight is available to all of us, in a very real way.

My work as a jewelry designer and Human Design Guide are intimately connected.

I am in the process of becoming a full-fledged human being.

That is the significance of the two birds I use in my branding of Soul to Substance and Stacie Florer Jewelry.

In what context does full-fledged mean to me?

It is about becoming a fully developed person by integrating your survival instincts, ability to reason and conceptualize and to feel what it means to live YOUR life.

Everyone’s path to flight is unique. As a Human Design Guide, I help you discover what it is that is weighing you down and not allowing for lift-off.

As a jewelry designer, I work with metal to embody the dance of light and dark through my use of patina, and to celebrate and explore the long process it takes to become full-fledged as an artist, and as a human being  exploring the concept of creativity and self-expression.

Birds are incredible teachers. They have been my spiritual companions in so many ways over the course of my 51 years.

And that’s why I’ve included them in how I connect with others via my calling as an artist and guide.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving…