Bring Your Beauty To The World

Bring Your Beauty To The World

My friend, Terah Cox, of Heaven and Earthworks, penned a beautiful tag line for my jewelry packaging. I am so happy with what she gifted me in a simple, succinct way to describe what my intention is for those that wear my jewelry, as well as those that I work with as a Human Design Guide.

Bring your beauty to the world, and the world will be more beautiful.

Beauty is the highest frequency of the energy of Creativity, or the first Hexagram of the Chinese I Ching – Ch’ien/The Creative.

I carry this energy in my Personality Mercury and it is what I am tasked with communicating to others from a Human Design perspective. Upon reflection, I know this to be true for myself. Even before I was consciously aware of my purpose of communication, I knew it in my bones.

I’ve written before about people expressing to me, “That I don’ t have a creative bone in my body…” often accompanied with a nervous, self-deprecating laugh. But the frequency I often hear when I am told this, is one tinged with fear, regret and sadness. I know the mask people use to cover their faces when they say this…and it always breaks my heart.

Each of us is creative because we are alive. We create our lives using experiences, beliefs and decisions like a painter uses a canvas, brushes and paint. And if more people understood their divine right to the Creative principle, our world would be more beautiful.

Ch’ien is masculine in nature…it is Yang energy. Ch’ien is the light of the sun that acts upon the earth. It is expansive energy in comparison to Yin, or the feminine principle of receptivity/receding energy. We must, as a culture, stop trying to make these two energies into a competition. They are both necessary. They are, literally, night and day.

As human beings, we are constantly pivoting back and forth between these two poles of energy. In the language of electricity, Yang is positive and Yin is negative. We live with the tension of the turning to the other. One pushes as the other pulls.  I watched a leaf fall yesterday, and depending on your point of view on the process, the tree letting go of the leaf was yang, the leaf falling to the ground turned from Yang to Yin when the ground received it. This constant movement from Yang to Yin is change. Change is life.

In very simple terms, we live in cycles of Yin and Yang. We breathe…we make love…we wake up and go to bed. We count time by these cycles…and they range from milliseconds to millenniums.

Beauty is unity with all that is. Beauty is our birthright. Be-at-unity.

Another word that comes to mind regarding beauty is naturalness.

You know when you are in the presence of someone that according to the idealized cultural idea of beautiful isn’t, but when you are in their presence they are the most beautiful of beings?

These are the people that are embodying their most natural self in their highest expression.

I am so drawn to photos of very old men and women that I find so beautiful because they are naturally themselves. They have achieved unity in all of their parts. They have merged with themselves with total acceptance and awe of their own uniqueness. They carry an energy or frequency that is difficult to capture with words.

They are themselves, and are consciously aware of their unity with all that is. I use patina in my work exclusively as I chase the feelings of unity with one’s environment. This merging…becoming one visually is part of my creative impulse.

Perhaps you can see what I mean here..this feeling of unity when it shows up is captivating to me and is beautiful.

Photo by Riya Kumari from Pexels

In my work as a Human Design Guide, for myself as well as for others, I am focusing on the beginning of this process of unification and merging into the totality. One first has to wake up to the possibility that it is possible to do in this lifetime. But then one must also realize that there is a period of shattering of the illusion that must happen before the parts can merge and become one.

I am in the process personally of whittling away what I’ve accumulated (beliefs and marketing) over time that covers up my naturalness. I want to first isolate what is me, drop what isn’t, then become the totality of my expression as a human being. I am in the process of unification, but it has a certain timing and structure. I know where I am in my own journey, and making jewelry for 15 years has taught me that there are steps that must be taken. Patience is the paint I use in my life to create my own work of art that is my life.

That is the most important part of my own creative process…acting when the time is right, and resting in receptivity trusting that what is without form will eventually emerge from me when the time is right.

Creativity cannot be controlled…it is not a process that can be crammed into an 8 hour day with prescribed lunch breaks and such…It’s there…and then it isn’t. This is the process and timing that must be respected for something fresh to occur.

It is cyclic and I don’t get to control the cycles. None of us do…when you realize that, you can relax in the not doing, or receptive (YIN) portion of the cycle. I believe our culture does a great disservice to many naturally creative people by conditioning them to not embrace their melancholic nature of inaction before action is required. It can feel depressive. It feels like the thrill of action won’t be there, but it will. As long as you wait until its time for it to emerge.

I work alone. I respect my creative process. I carry the energy of the 1.4, which is Aloneness as the medium of creativity. This information is found in the Rave I Ching, in The Definitive Guide of Human Design-The Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu. 

Beauty has many, many layers of meaning and understanding depending on where you are in your own awakening process.

But this is what I know now…your naturalness is your birthright.  Your naturalness, your synthesis is beautiful.

When you know who you are, and what you are not, that natural you begins to emerge and that is what the world needs.

It needs you to step into yourself.

You are the note that the world needs to hear.