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As an Instructor

My main goal when we work together is to teach you how to safely work with metal, and to help support you in your next step along your creative journey.

You and I will co-create our structured time together, allowing for discovery and fun.

I love to teach what I have learned over the years, and am pretty much an open book about techniques and project set-ups!

Stacie Florer


The details…

What to expect from our time together…

One of my favorite things to do is share what I’ve learned so far about fabricating jewelry with others.


I have experience teaching in an art retreat setting as well as on an individual basis too. I taught five classes in 2012 and 2013 at artBLISS, a mixed-media retreat held outside of Washington, D.C. and absolutely loved it! Sharing and co-creating with others interested in metalworking is a passion I have, and the connections made go deeper than a rivet or soldered seam!


If you are interested in learning more about metalworking including soldering, annealing, forging, texturing, sawing, using flex shaft, setting cabochons, fabricating bezels, riveting, heat riveting, or other aspects of jewelry fabrication please contact me for more information about your particular needs.


There are two ways to structure our time together.


I will develop a jewelry fabrication project based on what you are interested in learning, and the instruction will be mostly project based so you can leave with a piece of jewelry you have fabricated. Doing is the best way to learn, and it is easier to remember the techniques covered if you have a tangible product of your efforts to take home with you.


You provide a list of things you want learn, and I will instruct you by doing a demonstration, and then you practice with me right beside you until you are confident you understand how a technique or use of a tool is understood. Also, I have most of the tools in my studio that you would ever need to construct sophisticated jewelry. Its a great way to ‘try before you buy’ and learn about a tool before you invest any money in purchasing something you might not use.


Students Are Required To Bring:


  • their own silver wire or sheet
  • stones (cabochons or beads)
  • personal pliers (small round nose, chain-nose, flush cutters, long round nose)
  • Safety glasses (if you wear glasses, be sure and get them big enough to go over your glasses!)
    and a sense of adventure and willingness to learn!
    What I Provide For You:
  • A comprehensively written synopsis of what you learned during our time together. If I mention any specific tools or products, I will list them for you and I will write down what we go over in class so you don’t have to worry about writing down notes while we are in the studio. I prefer that you are 100% present with me while we are immersed in your learning. I will email this to you within a day or so after our time together is finished.
  • My undivided attention to your questions and apprehensions about using a tool or learning a new technique. We move at your pace, not mine.
  • Any copper or brass you need to practice on while in the studio.
  • Access to all of my tools, chemicals and equipment.


I concentrate on safety first. Remember, working in a metals studio is serious business, so working in a safe way is a priority with me. You can’t be creative if you are afraid of the tools and chemicals. Knowledge is power!

I will have particulate masks available for any sanding, filing or flex shaft projects we do.

Contact me with any questions or to schedule a private session and discuss tuition. I will also be offering some small group workshops for up to 4 people, and that schedule will be posted here for 2018 as soon as I firm up what I will be offering.


Let's Do this!

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Send me an email above or call me at 501-351-2843 to schedule some creative time together, or just to ask some questions!

Linda Reed, Knoxville, TN

I recently had the privilege of taking a private lesson with Stacie at her Asheville, NC studio. Living in Knoxville, TN and having recently retired I knew that I wanted to follow my dream of creating art jewelry. After an extensive research of private metalsmith teachers in my area to no avail I happened upon the website of Stacie Florer. I was instantly impressed and could feel her passion for the art and teaching. She phoned me promptly after an email inquiry and we had a wonderful discussion about my goals and the techniques that I was particularly interested in. After talking with her I instantly felt a connection and new since of energy.

The day of my class finally arrived. I was so anxious and a little nervous. The moment we met all of my nerves were calmed. She just beams with personality and a since of calmness. She had already organized materials, supplies and equipment prior to the lesson. She talked about the importance of setting a calm work environment and more importantly working safely. She explained and demonstrated each technique in a clear and concise manner making sure I understood before moving on. When I got frustrated and my hands wouldn’t do what they were supposed to she calmly would show me how to tweak my technique to make it easier. The lesson went by so quickly and I didn’t want it to end. I truly had one of the best days and left so full of renewed energy and excitement. I knew with confidence that I could take what I learned that day and start creating. Stacie makes all the class notes so you only have to concentrate on learning. The next day I received an email with a comprehensive list of all of the techniques I learned, tools and equipment used and list of vendors.

It is clear that Stacie has not only the artistic talent but a passion for teaching others. I can’t wait until I need another lesson even if it does mean driving a little further to Roanoke. ”